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Cultural Shock

This grading of our trips is for you to understand the variance you will encounter in terms of food and beverage, surrounding areas, culture, local acceptance and behaviour.

Some adjustment required in terms of the local food served, hot water in buckets maybe only for wash, occassional showers, camping and staying outdoors. However, your comfort level will be maximized at all given points of time.

Relatively less amount of adjustment needed, mainly in terms of showing respect to the local culture and population. The do’s and don’ts are explained when the trips are being booked with us. Either way, a tour escort is always around for assistance.

Almost no adjustment needed, really comfortable trips with western style hotels, cuisines and complete assistance by tour leaders at all times during the journey.

Carbon Conscious Journeys

All our trips have been designed keeping in mind the carbon off setting and the imprint that travellers leave behind while visiting a particular destination. All our journeys are ‘Carbon Conscious’ where every action, whether our guests’ or ours, is accounted for.