Dãna’, literally translates to ‘hilltop’ in the local language. This is our unique village walk program that takes you through local Kumaoni villages, allowing you to experience village life first hand.


This program is our initiative to encourage local participation and ultimately empower villagers by making them independent. A portion of the earnings from this program goes to the Dana Co-Operative Society formed by One Planet for the welfare of the villages involved.

The trail leads through forests of oak, cedar, rhododendron and pine while crossing some of the most interesting terraced fields, waterfalls and rivulets. You can see centuries-old village and temple architecture, sample homegrown organic food, and experience traditional Kumaoni hospitality. The accommodations are rustic but from the typical Kumaoni school of architecture and extremely comfortable with basic amenities, clean linen and delicious yet hygienic local food. The village houses overlook the valleys down below and are located on a ‘Dãna’

Physical Activity Duration : 5 Nights / 6 Days Cultural Shock