One Planet Foundation

The One Planet Foundation (OPF) has been established to create a sustainable model of education and livelihoods in the remote Himalayan region of Kumaon in Uttarakhand. Kumaon is one of the few virgin, alpine destinations that exist today in the Himalayas, not to mention its unique culture and architecture showcased by One Planet Journeys. Its remoteness however, also has a flip side, which is its lack of connectivity with the outside world resulting in limited access to the fundamentals of living— education, medicine, infrastructure and livelihood. The primary aim of OPF is to bridge the gap between the two grassroot issues of education and livelihood, particularly through the model of eco-tourism, and create a solution that is sustainable.

Our Vision

Our primary focus is to contribute to strengthening systems in primary and secondary education, and promote responsible tourism through livelihood generational activities in our core area of work, the Pindari valley, and eventually across other regions of Kumaon

The Way We Work

The formation of this organization aims to execute a unique model of development in the region. The first step in this direction is to sustain what is already in motion. Various interventions have been identified that are contributing to the realization of our vision. In the sphere of education, we are supplementing existing resources such as man power and learning environment for the kids in the focus region. Introduction of livelihood projects is our next initiative aimed at linking the education and eco-tourism project.

How You Can Help

The One Planet Foundation is a registered non-government organisation that is exploring avenues to make itself sustainable in the long-run by strengthening its fiscal and skill base. If you would like to contribute in any way, please write to us at