This program takes you on a journey of a different kind. Embark on a voyage to rendezvous with the inner self, with our yoga and meditation experts. Breathe in the smell of wild flowers, and breathe out your stress.


Participate in wholesome programs that teach you everything from the basics of yoga to mastery in the art, all in the lap of the Himalayas. Learn simple relaxation techniques, correct breathing methods, postures to relieve tense muscles and meditation to relieve a tense mind. Get pampered post a physical and mental workout with a massage and sauna. Relax stiff muscles with a range of treatments from naturopathy to hydrotherapy, or simply indulge in the relaxation of an aromatic massage. The Inner Journey is also offered as an advanced 30-day program. We also offer special programs for groups specific to people ailing with diabetes, cardiac issues or back problems.

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