Small steps for a greener planet

Want to make the planet greener? Follow these 3 tips to start an eco-friendly life! Say Bye to Single-Use Plastic:- First step that you can do as an individual is to ban single-use plastic in your life. This could feel a very small step but trust me it is one of the most important ones. Look around you, our shopping mall, grocery stores, restaurant, coffee shops, ice-creams parlour are filled with single-use plastic. And it gets difficult to make a sustainable choice but dont worry there is still an option. Example -carry your shopping bag, carrying your own water bottle, Continue Reading

How I started living a more sustainable’ life in just 5 easy steps

Its good to know that you have decided to live an eco-friendly life. I would like to welcome you on this journey, and you can start living eco-friendly today in just 5 steps Step 1: Say No to 1 time use – This could be little overwhelming at the start but trust me you will not only make a better planet, but you will be saving money also. Most of the one-time-use products end up in landfill only after using it for 10 mins or less. These products are harmful to the planet, and they live on for a very Continue Reading

Why this, Why now?

In September 2018, the World Bank announced that our global waste production is predicted to rise by 70 per cent by 2050 unless we take urgent action. Humankind currently produces two billion tonnes of waste per year between 7.6 billion people.  India is getting buried in its own garbage as well! A huge quantity of solid waste generated daily is never picked up and poisons land, air and water. 1.50 lakh metric tonne (MT) of solid waste every day. There are two things we can do:  1. Manage waste better: You can read our articles and learn what you can do to Continue Reading