How I started living a more sustainable’ life in just 5 easy steps


Its good to know that you have decided to live an eco-friendly life. I would like to welcome you on this journey, and you can start living eco-friendly today in just 5 steps

Step 1: Say No to 1 time use – This could be little overwhelming at the start but trust me you will not only make a better planet, but you will be saving money also. Most of the one-time-use products end up in landfill only after using it for 10 mins or less. These products are harmful to the planet, and they live on for a very long time.

Shockingly, they are not recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.  Saying no to all 1-time use products will create less waste and will be a perfect eco-friendly choice. E.g., carry your water bottle whenever you go out, it will be light on your pocket as you can reuse them more than 100 times, but they also better for the plane. Most of the reusable water bottles are made up of recycled or recyclable material. It is a perfect eco-conscious choice to make.

Step 2: Buy Pre-loved– Buying Pre-loved products is another eco-friendly choice that you can make today. Most of the places have markets which sell only pre-owned products. Most of these products usually are in good condition for anybody to use.

Let me give you my example-When I started my own, I was looking for a good laptop and was on a budget. So I looked for refurbished laptops on Amazon and guess what! Its been a great experience and I could save some money which I could use it for my business. Next time, whenever you are thinking to buy any electronics or furniture start with pre-loved.

Step 3: Make your own- This is personally my favourite one. I like natural products and its not only mostly easy to make, but they are great for the planet. Most of the cleaners such as body wash, facewash, detergents, etc. contains are a lot of harmful chemicals which gets drained in our rivers and then our oceans.  These toxic chemicals are hazardous to humans and kill much marine life.

But the fun fact is that you can make your detergents or body wash which is all-natural and not harmful to humans or but to the planet. There are many videos on the internet which will show you how you can make eco-friendly detergents, facewash, body wash, etc.  You will be surprised how easy and cheap they are. In case you don’t have time to make one, you can buy all-natural products online.  Tip- Try shopping from a startup than a big company. Many startups are into eco-friendly products, and the decisions of these businesses are driven to less pollution.

Step 4: Shop Local- We all enjoy a great variety of food, but most of the time, we don’t realize where it is coming from.  Enjoying these food items has a huge cost on the environment thanks to the carbon emissions they generate. To meet the demand, food gets transported through the air or s sea, which produces much pollution, and it is one of the significant contributors to greenhouse emissions and climate change.

Opt for food which is locally produced and this habit of yours will cut down carbon emissions significantly. Local food doesn’t have to travel as far to arrive on your plate, so it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving our carbon footprint. It also benefits the local economy, including supporting local farmers and other producers.

Step:5 Choose eco-friendly products – You can start small on this as we don’t want you to buy everything which says eco-friendly. Please remember that our ultimate goal is to live a sustainable and eco-friendly life. Choose bamboo toothbrush over plastic ones. They are better for the planet, and bamboo is a very sustainable resource as it does not require fertilizers, and they grow very fast. You can buy your bamboo toothbrush

I hope these tips were helpful and you will start applying it on a regular basis. Would love to hear your thoughts on this so please comment in the section below. Happy Sustainable living! #Greenearth

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